Product description

Relaxcan is a natural relaxant for dogs that helps balance behavior and have better anxiety control and better emotional balance.

What indications should you take into account?
This supplement can be used in dogs from 9 months of age.

What is it indicated for?
It is indicated for excessively nervous dogs, with a point of uncontrolled aggressiveness, to control fears caused by fireworks, stressful visits, moments of solitude or travel. It must be taken into account that the dog needs adequate training to overcome moments of fear or insecurities. Relaxcan gives you a greater emotional balance and helps you better assimilate the training and makes you feel more secure.

How to keep it?
In a cool, dry place, away from direct light. Once opened, it should be consumed preferably within six months.

How to administer Relaxcan to your dog?
It can be administered continuously to promote safety and improve social behavior. We recommend that proper training is practiced and that Relaxcan acts as a support. Administer one Relaxcan capsule orally to dogs weighing less than 20 kg and two capsules to dogs weighing more than 20 kg. One capsule corresponds to approximately 540 mg of product.

Additional Information

Weight 0.048 kg

Product datasheet

Administer a capsule
to dogs under 20kg
Administer two capsules
to dogs over 20kg
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